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Established in 1998, Pirate Management represents a small creative team of composers, lyricists, musicians and producers. We are focused, skilled and extremely dedicated to meeting the increasing demands of the music industry, delivering a diverse wealth of music at broadcast quality with an exceptionally fast turnaround.. We specialise in music for TV, radio and film, producing orchestral arrangements for stage and screen, soundtracks for documentaries and film, title music and jingles for original broadcasts, commissions for advertisements and commercials across all platforms, and original pop songs for recording artists.

Danny Davies

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Emma Fine


Bespoke Music for Film, TV, Radio and Commercials

Our original music has been used for synchronisation by international film and television companies throughout the world, from original film scores to bespoke music for TV title music, productions, jingles and commercials. In addition to the use in over thirty different TV and radio programmes across the UK, Europe and the US, our music has quite literally thousands of broadcast synchronisations internationally. Check out some of our work here>>

Our Music & Production Services

Angel Studio

Orchestral & Vocal Arrangements

We can produce authentic orchestral recordings for film scores, underscoring, theatrical recordings and suchlike. Alternatively, if budgets are tighter, we can deliver extremely realistic sampled and modelled orchestral simulations virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing.

Songs & Instrumentals

We are happy to compose and lyric original songs and instrumentals for projects, films and TV productions. We are able to offer a complete service, from composition, through to artist recording, arranging, music production broadcast quality mastered recordings.

Extremely Fast Production Turnaround

In an industry where every second counts and pressure is at its highest in the editing suite, we pride ourselves on an extremely fast turnaround, with first drafts and treatments frequently produced within 24-48 hours, and final recordings ready within an equally short space of time.

Musical Theatre Works

We specialise in musical theatre composition, recording and arrangements, and represent the following musicals, musical theatre repertoire and writers.


The new musical by Danny Davies & Alex Scott Fairley

SWEET is a twisted steampunk symphony of enchantment and entertainment, horror and heroics, based on the Grimm Brothers’ Hansel and Gretel. With an exciting and original score, and a take on a timeless tale seen through new eyes, SWEET’s mysterious and gripping plot will capture the imagination of younger audiences and grown-ups alike, with a lot of laughter and song, and maybe just enough pause for thought to wonder where our own world might be headed...


Hey Producer!

The album of musical theatre & cabaret songs by recorded by London's West End stars

Stars from some of the West End’s best known musicals, including Wicked, Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera, Blood Brothers, Avenue Q, Sweeney Todd, Ghost, Chicago, Sister Act, Tommy, Spamalot, Pricilla, Chess and Betty Blue Eyes join together to record an album of unique musical theatre and cabaret songs. 

The album has received endorsement from world-class actress, Dame Judi Dench, who commented, “I think Danny has produced something new and exciting. Have a listen and I'm sure you will agree."

Featuring actors Daniel Boys, Julie Atherton, Jon Robyns, Shona White, Peter Polycarpou, Alison Jiear, Chris Thatcher, John Barr, Rosie Ashe, Kirsty Hoiles, Patrick Smyth, Mark Goldthorpe, Ivan De Freitas, Laura Selwood, Rebecca Giacopazzi, Gemma O’Duffy, Rochelle Neil, Stephen Weller, Tom Parsons, Lucyelle Cliffe, Chantal Bridon, Philip Simon, David Berkovitch, Shimi Goodman, Will Barratt and Constantine Andrews. 


Chasing The Dream

A British music by Pete Gallagher & Danny Davies

Chasing The Dream is a new musical written by two of the brightest talents around in British theatre. 

The first ever musical to feature in the live semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent, Chasing The Dream follows the lives of five disparate people who land in the Big Apple on the same day, looking for a new life.

Some are striving for the next challenge, some are running from the last one, but they are all searching with every once of life they have. They are strangers when they arrive but without realising it, their lives are about to intertwine with varying consequences, from exhilarating to disastrous, as some dreams become nightmares. Whether by choice or necessity, through ambition or desperation, maybe dreams are not always the perfect fantasies we hoped for... 



The new musical by Paul Alexander & Danny Davies

The musical is currently under development - watch this space for more information to follow...

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